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What's Supp??
So your walking around the health store checking out vitamins, powders, liquids, shakes, Carob (don't bother *ha ha), omegas, etc. etc. etc. Everything has a benefit and you start to think, "wow, I really need this.. and this... and that". It's can be very overwhelming for the beginner or for anyone who doesn't know exactly what they're looking for. That's just the health store, wait till you go online! (which generally is the most economical way of buying supplements, unless the particular shop has a sale or clearance bin. Moral of the story: Shop around!!)

Relax. It's not that difficult. Much like a diet, you have your staples all year round; i.e. potatoes. Then there are seasonal foods, stone fruits, grapes, tomatoes, cabbage, asparagus etc. This gives you an idea of supplementation. The staples should be identified to suite you ailment (mine being CF) to restore the bodies balance, that your particular condition renders you deficient in or may need a little boost in certain areas. The following are the supplements I would have used if any of my children had been diagnosed with CF.

 Here are my top staple supplements for CF

1. Selenium Patients with CF are deficient in Selenium, by taking it helps promote glutathione production and protects DNA from free radical damage, reduces inflammation. I took it throughout my pregnancies to prevent CF in my own children. 

2. Zinc is an appetite stimulant, immune booster and is very beneficial for malnourishment helps with growth and healing.

3. Vitamin A. . Vitamin A thins mucus and reduces respiratory infections. As a child I was given 25,000IU emulsified A. Emulsified vitamin A is, as the name says it, already emulsified. In comparison with other precursors of the vitamin, emulsified vitamin A skips all the process beta carotene has to go through during digestion, taking a shorter time to get absorbed by the intestinal walls into the liver where it is distributed in forms ready for use to the parts of the body that need it. The Vitamin A I take now is from Fish liver oil, softgels, 25,000IU

4. Vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant, protects DNA from free radical damage, and has been shown to protect lung tissue from damage. I take Vitamin E oil softgels.

5. Essential Fatty acids: Flax Seed Oil. Is essential for managing my CF. "The red blood cells in the lungs give up carbon dioxide and take on oxygen. They are then transported to the cell site via the blood vessels, where, they release their oxygen into the plasma. This released oxygen is "attracted" to the cells by the "resonance" of the pi-electron" oxidation-enhancing fatty acids. Otherwise, oxygen cannot work its way into the cell. "Electron rich fatty acids" play the decisive role in "respiratory enzymes, which are the basis of cell oxidation...". ~ Ed McCabe (p85, "Oxygen Therapies" ~
Cod Liver Oil in combination with flax seed oil, covers all my essential fatty acids needs. Cod liver oil contains reliably good levels of Vits D, A & E, DHA, EPA & ALA. Good for strong bones, brain function, eyes, nerves and digestion. Fun Fact: HM The Queen ('HRH Princess Elizabeth' at the time) took a weekly dose cod liver oil when expecting HRH Prince Charles in 1947 and subsequently with all her other Royal babies. Fit for a Queen!

6. Lugol's Iodine Antibacterial. Metabolism regulator. Another great food source iodine is kelp and seaweed, both of which I had in copious amounts in my diet as a child.

7. Probiotics: Lactobacillus rhamnosus gg strain promotes healthy digestive function. With the constant medications that people with CF need to take, in particular antibiotics, our gut flora is continually wiped out. This is bad news for general well being!! You need to have the good bacteria to correct the balance. Studies have shown LGG strain of good lactobac promote better lung health in cystic fibrosis too, reducing infections, improves lung function, reduces intestinal inflamation. Probiotics are seemingly silent but vital part of managing overall well being. You may not think its doing much, but in the long run your body will thank you!!

8. Chlorella  is nothing short of an amazing super supp! I chose it over spirulina simply because studies have shown it to be far superior (however you must be sure the chlorella product you chose has the chlorella cell wall broken down, this makes it 80% times more digestible). Contains naturally occurring: Calcium, CGF (phytonutrient), beta-carotene, biotin, carotenoids, chlorophyll, Essential fatty acids (EFAs), folic acid, inositol, iodine, iron, magnesium, PABA, pantotheneic acid, phosphorous, potassium, proteins, RNA/DNA, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, E and K, zinc. It detoxes heavy metals and radiation (a huge issue for CF with all the x-rays we undergo), anti-inflamatory, increases oxygenation and boosts energy. My vitamin D levels were the highest my clinic has ever seen in a CF patient, well within the normal range after approximately 8-12 weeks of regular chlorella intake. This super supplement makes taking many others obsolete. By clicking the Chlorella link you can compare your supplements to the the analysis value chart. No need to double up!

9. Colostrum stimulates your own Stem Cell production. I only discovered colostrum in the '90's and didn't realise the stem cell connection, if I had I would have taken it routinely. As I've written previously adult stem cells hold much promise for healing lung disease. By taking colostrum it helps to generate your own cells into action/production so they can start healing any organ degeneration around the body. It's a wonderful preventative for all degenerative diseases, one that I wish I had taken though out my lifetime!

10. NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) Is an essential amino acid and critical antioxidant for CF patients, it helps the body to produce L-Glutathione. I have only recently learnt about my own second gene mutation (G1123R; it effects the amino acid function) then figured how even more vital NAC is to my particular gene mutation. I have just started taking it and hope to see some long term improvements (I wish we knew about this when I was a child!!). One of the most important functions of NAC is it's ability to reduce inflammation, which is a chronic problem in CF and widely considered the root of all disease. Also increases immunity, lowers cholesterol, prevents liver damage. There has also been studies to show inhaling NAC helps fight pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis

11. L-Glutathione Is brilliant for anyone with CF, it helps to protect you from lung damage, stimulates white blood cells, breaks up mucus and has natural antibiotic properties. Glutathione has been a recent revaluation (like NAC) to me. I have started inhaled reduced L-glutathione (buffered by bicarb). L-glutathione is a tripeptide (means consists of 3 amino acids) it's a linkage (Peptide; short chains of amino acids) I'm really impressed with this inhaled product, the bicarb is very soothing to the airways too (create alkaline environment), pretty well all the CF patients I've contacted about this (who have been using it long term) do not have pseudomonas. Pretty powerful testimony to the power of Glutathione!!

A Visual to see how NAC & Glutathione work together
12. Noni Juice proven to kill pseudomonas and repair lung damage. Very powerful super supp!! Must be careful to chose a good brand, Tahitian Noni is said to be THE best. Most studies have been conducted on Tahitian Noni, I look forward to seeing studies on other Noni's (i.e. Fijian) in the future just to compare, but for now Tahitian looks like the way to go! A few benefits of Noni are immune booster, digestive stimulant, analgesic, anti-tumour, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.

13. Vitamin B complexes help to maintain energy levels, normalise mood, fight depression. It's maintains the stamina to fight any chronic illness. Particularly B12 and folate helps to keep Iron levels in the body normal. B6 is primarily concerned with protein metabolism (protein is involved with some CF gene mutations function) it's helps immune function and is part of haemoglobin production. B3 (niacin) also helps energy levels. As well as assisting the body to use fats and protein, brilliant for circulation. Basically All B vitamins help general blood condition.

14.Colloidal Minerals great way to get all the trace mineral levels normalised. Very easy for children to take in juice. Again this is one of those supplements the can take the place of many pills .i.e. Zinc, Iodine, selenium. and others. You can check other supplement levels and see if they compare. It can simplify things, which is good for busy parents and fussy children! Minerals assist in the absorption of vitamins and food.

15. Curcumin for all the reasons I explained on my previous Turmeric post

Obviously this is a brief overview of each supp, there are many more benefits to each one that are amazing. Please click the links (names of the supp) to learn more if your interested. Note that ALL the supplements I take are derived from natural sources, no synthetic derivatives, artificial additives or nasty bits. I don't take Abdeck (prescribed at the CF clinic) for this reason. Sometimes artificial vitamins are unavoidable, for instance when I was breastfeeding for a year I got anaemic, my iron levels were quite low, so I took a pharmacy iron supplement prescribed to me to boost the levels very quickly. That's what I keep drugs and synthetic supplements for: serious situations, NOT MAINTENANCE. I also find that liquid form of any supplement is easier for me to absorb, so where possible I try to do that too, but always ensuring the quality of the product.  I hope I haven't forgotten something important, but will cover it a latter date if needs be. All of the above have been concluded by trial and error, research, many consults with holistic doctors over my whole lifetime. None of these suggestions have come from any of the CF clinics I have attended. A fact which makes me angry, beyond that, disappointed and outraged by this gross oversight. I personally believe more focus should be on supportive, preventive medicine than constantly prescribing drugs as a perpetual band aid for symptoms. Look at the cause!!!  Try and swing the balance of your body in your favour. My goal has always been to minimise my dependence on drugs and increase my health, longevity and the quality of life.

Always remember nothing replaces a naturally healthy diet. Supplements are just that, there to fill in the gaps. By eating whole foods and preferably organic fruit and vegetables, the need for lots of supplements should reduce. A little regularly should go a l o n g way! I encourage you to educate yourself and even better find yourself a holistic doctor who can guide you through the plethora of natural medicines to suite you individual needs. I never lose sight of the reason I do all this for, the ones I love. So we can be happy, relaxed and have a good life together for as long as possible...

I must confess before I loved my Love, Benjamin, and had our dearest sons, I had begun to lose hope. Everything seemed too difficult. I lost motivation and care for the future, I became reckless. They brought new hope, new joy and life to my life. Gave me a reason to try. I say this only to share what keeps me going, why I'm always open to learning and continue to go beyond the barriers of CF. Now, with my boys by my side (Benny included!), nothing is impossible... xo

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