Thursday, 3 January 2013

Good vs Bad... Bacteria that is!


What other creature but Gollum (aka: Smeagol) depicts the fight of good vs evil within us all so perfectly well. He is neither good or evil, but is wretched by the struggle; The ring (power/evil) transforms his character from a decent person to a slithering, dirty, depraved creature. Thus this is how infections work on our lungs, turning our lovely organs to a rotten mess. It is a struggle between good vs bad bacteria. Within our bodies this is our struggle, our fight, our battle and hopefully not to become our end, like the creature Gollum (who succumed to the ring, but 'o to be like Frodo who with the help of his dear friend Sam overcame the rings power)

"Do not pray for easier lives. Pray to be a stronger man." ~ John F. Kennedy ~

Bacteria is the bane of our lives for people to have CF. The bacteria that generally eats away at our lungs is called Pseudomonas. Once the bacteria sets up colonies in our lungs it's near impossible to get completely rid of it. Anti-biotic's atempt to control the levels of it, however once the lung are diseased it's near impossible to not have Pseudomonas present. To be honest it's my Achilles Heel, the antibiotic's are just not cutting it. I know now I have Kalydeco on my side so combating pseudomonas will be 'easier', but not easy!

I have search high and low to combat pseudomonas. Sometimes very effective remedies, some not, but nothing has completely cured me of his tenacious bacteria. I will never give up the search and am currently looking into Phage Therapy. It will mean another expensive trip overseas and now I have other commitments and responsibilities, it is going to be difficult, but not impossible! I just need to find out more information until I commit to this adventure...
*Please if anyone has been a patient or has any information (good or Bad) about the Georgian Phage clinic, please contact me. I appreciate all the information I can get! Thank you.

Natural supplements along the way (along with anti-biotic's of course) have help cut down bacteria levels in my lungs and helped to control the degeneration of the disease. In no particular order these are some of the most effective natural treatment's I have tried: 
*Note all the names are in fact links to find out futher information, happy clicking!

7.) Oxy Drops
13.) Probiotics

For a moment I will focus on Probiotics. They are in fact one of the most important bacterias to nurture in our bodies! Unfortunately antibiotic wipe them out, so we must make efforts to restore the balance, particularly in our gut flora. Probiotics boot the immune system, help digestion, fight bad bacterias, therefore reducing risk of infections. They are like our internal army!! 

This is my Yogurt Maker

Step 1: Fill yogurt container half with cooled boiled water (500ml)
Step 2: Empty contents of starter culture: put lid on and shake like you mean it!! (until culture dissolved)
Step 3: Fill up to top of container with remaining cooled water (makes 1 litre total)
Step 4: Fill maker to red level with hot boiling water, put yogurt container in that. Put lid on.
Step 5: Leave 8 hours, then refrigerate until chilled. 
Bon Apetit!!!

Making yogurt at home is now made very easy with many yogurt makers on the market. This is a short cut version to artisan yogurt (which I'd rather do) but with four boys I have to do what I can manage! This is one of my must have items (like a juicer!) This will help restore the gut flora in conjunction with a good supplement. I know I feel rotten without my good old 'lacto bac'!! 

And so the war inside my lungs will rage on, but I will continue to fight the good fight and never stop seaching for something to remedy this ....

"There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after" ~ J.R.R Tolkien


  1. Hi Faye, thanks for the excellent post. I am very interested in phage therapy too and would also love to know if anyone with CF has tried it.

    Garlic and horseradish also have powerful anti pseudomonas properties:

  2. Hi Healthy Life!Thanks for your interest!!

    Isn't Phage facinating? I hope to learn more about it...

    Yes, horseradish & garlic are my circulation, congestion, cough/flu go to. They're very effective! Over time I intend to cover all the helpful supplement's that have assited me in journey for wellbeing. To be continued!... :)

    You blog is great by the way, well done!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. I have a one year old granddaughter with cystic fibrosis. So, have you found the yogurt starter mixed with water to be more beneficial that other probiotics?

  4. No, I always take a probiotic suplement too Janne!In particular look for one that contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus (aka: LGG) which has been proven to improve immunity, digestion, lung health in patients with CF. This will give the best benefits for people with CF. The yogurt helps too all the flora and to encourage a good environment for the supplement to culture in your system. My supplement contains 10 billion organisims of LGG, but I know they make some for children. The following link is to a study done into LGG and CF:

    Another option is 'Kiefer'. It's a wonderful probiotic cultured drink that is full of good probiotic and nutrition. You can buy starter cultures, it's also very easy to make. I loved it as a child!

    I hope that helps Janne, feel free to ask anything else :)