Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Breakfast, Lunch & Tea.

"Diet's, Like Clothes, Should Be Tailored To you"
                                                                                                ~ Joan Rivers ~

So 'diet',  food etc... Believe it or not I'm not obsessed with the subject! I'm not a fan of "labelling" what I eat a 'diet'. It's normal for me to do what I do, eat what I eat. I eat for pleasure, with every bite I truly appreciate the tastes of everything I eat. I take my time to relax and enjoy the company of those whom I love, whilst sharing a meal or drink.. or both! Unfortunately there is not 'go to guide' for a healthy CF diet. The way I have managed mine is by several means:

My Summertime Brekkie: 1 1/2 cups of plain Homemade Yogurt, with Berries & Maple Syrup

First, when you sit back an think about what it is you live off, everything needs to make nutritional sense, logical, objective reason needs to assess 'is this good for me?'. You are what you eat! Any bad habit's needed to be broken with the discipline of an athlete, likewise awful things that were good for me had to be done for the greater good. Why else would we get IV's done? You just do it, because you have to. That's how I look at healthy choices to begin with, 'I have no choice, it's the only hope of a better life'.

"Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that's real power" ~ Clint Eastwood ~

It is hard to begin with to give up 'yummy', quick food. Foods that contain flavours, additives etc are addictive, they seem to make natural foods taste bland... at first! But once you break the habit and begin to really taste real food again, then those highly amp up foods start to taste cheap and nasty!! I cannot even smell fast food now! It make me feel ill how fake it smells.

Second, educate yourself on nutrition. Education is power. When you know better you do better. Take responsibility, take charge, of your health. Just because an intimidating professional is looking at you recommending something objectively 'unhealthy', doesn't mean you have to do it!! Like 'drink Coke for calories'. Wrong! wrong! wrong!!!! It's just plain out bad for you and then to suggest it as 'part of your regular diet'. ????. We need to get back to basics and use common sense.

Just a few examples of the typical CF recommended diet:
- Deep fried chips, objectively are unhealthy for anyone, home baked wedges are a much better option.
- Cheap dairy milk chocolate with all sorts of added ingredients are not good for you, good dark chocolate with natural ingredients is better. Check out my personal favourite chocolates: Willies Cacao
- Sustagen and similar drinks I believe should be off the market when you read the list of ingredients. Make your own protein shakes or calorie filled smoothies with all natural ingredients.
- Sugar... I reduce it where I can. Excessive intake of sugar cause endless problems, diabetes being one. Honey, maple syrup, stevia, agave are all other options, but when I need to use sugar I use raw Castor sugar for cooking. I control the intake by cooking it myself that way I can gauge how much I'm having. Sugar has also been linked to exacerbating cancer.
- Want a hamburger? Make it at home!! Amazingly Delicious Burger Recipe Tastes better than the shop!!
- Fats: This is SO crucial to CF. Good fats help our systems, Bad fats destroy it. Highly saturated & trans fats increase risks of disease. Omega 3 Fatty acids are a huge part of my health management. Pure butter is better than margarine for instance. Again, natural! natural! natural!

You can see the pattern, substitute the crappy ideas/"food", with quality, fresh, healthy ones that contain just as many 'calories', but with good health benefits!! Simple rule of thumb really... Trust me once you get into the swing of it, it's not complex or difficult, in fact it will becomes a pleasure! I love the French philosophy of Mireille Guiliano the author of the fabulous book 'French women don't get fat' suggests,Expose them {your kids} to the widest variety of vegetables and fruits, showing them how good things can be in season. Tasteless fruits and vegetables won't win them over for life.”.

Simple, good food is a pleasure, that's why it's called gourmet!

Happy New year to one and all from me and my Boys Brigade!!
May it be a healthy and Happy 2013 for you and yours. xo


  1. Faye, I think you and I have a VERY similar diet! ;) Everything you write about it sounds so familiar to the things I have also learned in my own explorations. I think diet is such a huge thing, esp for those of us who have pancreatic & GI issues. I am super sensitive to both high amounts of fat and to sugar.... I feel so much better when they're not cluttering up my food intake!

  2. It's amazing to virtually 'meet' someone who is SO similar Cindy (your like my American twin sis! *ha ha)... from accross the other side of the world?! It's been lovely getting to know you, I am so excited about your darling baby girl on the way!So good to hear your story too... xo