Wednesday, 12 December 2012

vincero! Vincero! VINCERO!!

"Fail? How Dare They Say That!"
Charley Boorman, Long Way Round. 
                                                                                (please note this link contains course language)

They said to my parents "prepare yourselves, she won't make it".... I did
They said I needed Liver, Heart, double Lung Transplant.... I didn't
They said there were NO other ways to manage CF... I did
They said carrying babies to full term was "Highly unlikely".... I did it
They said I couldn't be free of MRSA... I am
They said my lungs would collapse mid-air.... They didn't
They said without a double lung transplant my natural life would be around 2 years... I'm still alive
They said I can't get Kalydeco until it's approved in Australia... I've got it
They said it can't be done... I did it

Never Ever Give Up. You too can beat the odds, break statistics and live to tell the story. Believe it. Life rewards action. I never doubted this, or the power of God.

"vincero, Vincero, VINCERO!"
I will win, I will win, I will win!
                                                            ~ Nessun Dorma ~
Introducing My Boys Brigade. My Miracles. All, natural, full term babies... Sebastian was even a breech birth, no problem! Healthy Happy Boys. My motivation and reason for every effort I ever made.... Anything can Happen

Charles b.2005 Marcel b.2007 Gabriel b. 2009. Sebastian b. 2010

I will not fail them, I cannot. I will not die for them, I will Live for Them.  xox