Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mi media Naranja

Mi media Naranja. (English: "My half Orange" Spanish saying about finding the half that "complemento" you) My Soulmate. My Love... Benjamin.

They say 'fools rush in', well speak for yourself, my IQ is 145! *haha. We met and married within 8 months! Our meeting was by chance. The both of us were on holiday visiting our families for Christmas in Victoria. He came from Perth, finishing his Uni degree in Landscape Architecture. I was in transit, about to make the move to Melbourne. Then there he was... *enter Maria Aria....

The first time I saw Benjamin was from a distance. Tall, dark & handsome (so cliche of me I know!), wearing the most perfectly tailored french navy coloured corduroy jacket. He strode across a car park. We arrived at the entrance of the building at the same time, he held the door open for me. He walk like a supermodel from London fashion week! To this day when I see him walking from a distance I catch my breath and get tingles. I melted. I wondered who this handsome stranger was. I thought no more about him, but a while latter I was introduced by a mutual friend to a charming older (well older than me!) English gentleman. We happily chatted about life and plans etc, very enjoyable conversation. Then the crowd parted, like the red sea for moses, this handsome guy was coming over to us, looking straight at me!! He said,"Hi Dad". (Your kidding!! I've been talking to his dad?! He can't be real; English too!!!!!) "This is my son, Ben, he's visiting from Perth"...

The next day I got a call, it was Ben. Silly me slammed my finger in a siding door in a fluster! How did he get my number?? (his sister got it off another mutual friend!) "Do you want to come to the Melbourne Art Gallery with me?"....!!!!!!!!!..... "yeah ok". Derr, why couldn't I think of something better to say. And so from then on we we're inseparable. We went all over Melbourne and surrounding regions. Enjoy our break and each others company. We had so much in common. Christmas came and went, our respective times on holiday were drawing to a close. I hadn't thought about the future much at that point, but it did occur to me that I would miss Benny's company, desperately. I had no idea he might have felt the same way about me.

Happy Days

February third: we we're taking a day trip to Victoria's alpine region. Lovely area, I highly recommend it! *wink
We hiked up a fairly large slope, it was covered in purple Scottish thistles. It felt like the Braveheart movie! He suddenly got down on one knee asked me to marry him. I said,"Aye, that's a 'Yes"...

Benjamin is an incredible man. He has English dapper thing down pat, so reserved and considerate, but also completely Alpha male underneath the cool facade. A universal man, appreciation of everything cultured and fine. He's is above all good man. I feel so looked after and Loved. We are totally devoted to each other and our dear little boys. 

The only thing I pick a bone with him about is his love of cars. More to the point, how many he can have!! His hobby is to be obsessed with: Porsche 911, Karmann ghia, VW, BMW, Jaguar, Bugatti... you get the drift! I say, when we get a garage like Jay Lenno, then you can stock up (otherwise our property will be jammed up with cars... and not for a dinner party!) Until then 3 cars will do! He says I need to relax about it. Life could be worse...

Mi media Naranja... You are my Half Orange My Darling.

And They lived Happily Ever After..... xox

 Our wedding Song

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