Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Juicing for Cystic Fibrosis

As mentioned in my previous entry, I have always had juices growing up. Juicing is not just for 'weight loss' as it's generally promoted for. It really is a 'normalizer', balances out our bodies if we're sick, skinny, fat or whatever, it's just super good for you! I personally only noticed the huge difference juice can make to my health when I got serious about it at age 15. My parent's bought a fancy juicer and we arranged a weekly order at our local Organic Market of 20kg Carrots, 10kg Apples. To get cracking, I had 13 (8 ounce) cups a day. Ratio: 3/4 Carrots + 1/4 Apples. Later on I introduced a half a medium Beetroot.
(Note: Having CF I have always eaten, never fasted on juice alone, but this post is just about the Juice benefits...)

FAQ: How did this specifically help with my Cystic Fibrosis?

1. Carrots naturally contain high amounts of Vitamin A, which thins mucus. (Being from a vegetable, you can never over dose on this form of Vit A unlike it's synthetic counterparts)

2. Hydration is absolutely vital for the body, hydration helps move the mucus from all organs, including the lungs

3. By Juicing fresh & drinking within the day, the juice retains it's naturally occurring enzyme activity from the produce, therefore enhancing our bodies enzyme activity & assisting with elimination

4. Juicing the Veg & Fruit it means the quantity you can take in is an enormous amount more, hence more nutrients than if you had say a salad. Therefore helps malnutrition caused by CF is assisted

5. Juice is easy to digest making the nutritional benefits easier to absorb for compromised digestive systems

6. Juice oxygenates cells, increases oxygen blood levels

7. Promotes blood quality, normal blood pressure & production of healthy blood

8. Assists liver cleansing, detox the drugs!!

9. Helps regulate the intestinal track with hydrating, enzymes, fibre & clearing build up

10. Reduces (for me) the need for massive amounts of prescribed Enzymes

11. Increases energy levels

12. Has been know to assist with fertility by clearing excessive mucus & regulating hormones (worked for me!)

13. Assists to build a stronger immunity, making colds & flu less frequent

14. Assists in fighting bacterial infections

15. Reduces cholesterol build up in the arteries & heart (which is a big consideration with a high fat diet)

16. Improves Vitamin & Mineral levels

There are of course other great benefits to the whole body from juicing. I'm just stating all the CF connection that I've experienced from Juicing my way to better health. Asian medicine see the body as whole. You cannot just target symptoms endlessly, like the CF cough. The condition of your whole body, all it's organs, contributes to it's function. For instance, I've often noticed if my guts are no good, my cough is much worse. Vice versa. It's all connected!!

Albert Einstein aptly said,"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". I was going mad with the endless cycle of drugs and feeling ill all the time. That's how I saw it, if I wanted to have a different outcome to what the regular hospital recommends I needed to do something positive, proactive and additional for my general well being. I want to bounce back. I want to rebuild. I want to get stronger. I want to slow down the degeneration of CF. To do that we need to take responsibility for our health by making healthy choices. I know it can't fix the problem entirely, but at least by doing extra, more natural thing to assist my health, I know I've done everything I can for a better life. I'm pretty happy with the results thus far!

Please do feel free to contact me with any questions or please do let me know how (or if) juicing helped you. It would be a great New Years Resolution! I always love to hear your feedback and wish you all very good health! xo

Please note: I recommend you read/learn more about juicing before starting if you've never done it before. is a great place to begin! Note too that if you do chose begin to juice, you may feel a bit 'unwell' at first. It's very common to react that way whilst the body is cleaning out for the first time. People with CF may notice an increase of mucus, congestion, gut cramps whilst things get moving! This is a similar experience to Kalydeco in that it's helping clear it out mucus from all around the body. In this case I would suggest to take it slow, build up to bigger amounts of juice. Once past this initial stage, give it 30 days, most people begin to feel much better than before!


  1. I am thinking about doing this for my son with CF. I've been juicing for about two months and looovvveee the way it's made me feel

  2. Hi, what vegtables do you mainly use?