Wednesday, 14 November 2012

When life throws you lemons, you gotta ride that lemonade!

“Do you know what I like about comedy? You can’t laugh and be afraid at the same time—of anything. If you're laughing, I defy you to be afraid.” Stephen Colbert

Can we measure the worth of positivity in battling a chronic illness? Surely there must be a scientific study out there! Well take it from an applied scientist (me!) the only way to keep going with a disease like this is Hope. The old adage,"where there is life there is Hope" Ive found to be very true.
Yes, I'm also realistic. This disease is gruelling and has given me a melancholic inner thought which I don't think naturally I would have had, but on the positive side also that depth has made me a better person.
Often situations are so intense that it's my penchant for superficiality that got me through many a dark time. We must hang on to laughter, be happy and optimism. Cannot live without it...
Acceptance I believe is at the core of coping, without it sickness makes us bitter and twisted. Self pity is the enemy, it will make all burdens seem insurmountable. Weakens our will and ability to keep fighting. The second I feel a bit self centred, 'boo hoo' for my self best medicine is watching a musical or comedy!
I defy you not to feel happy whilst watching 'Hello Dolly'! (okay, so might want to kill yourself if you're a guy, so feel free to watch 'Top Gear', feel better!)

Growing up I had a particular devotion to Saint Padre Pio. He suffered so much for God and was serene whilst enduring his trials. One of his messages to the people was, "Pray, Hope and don't worry". That has always resonated with me and I always have aspired to do so. There has been a scientific study into patients who pray or who are prayed for have 70% better recovery than those who don't, that's something to think about!

You know, I'm not delusional by saying 'I like having CF', but I accept that its something I have to deal with it. If I had a choice of course I'd say 'no thank you, I'll pass', why else would we fight it so much? I have my moments like everybody else. We must focus on the positive to keep motivated. Our family, work, interests, the wonderful people in the CF community.
No doubt CF has brought me closer to my family, it would've taken years to be this connected in such a good way. We realise life is short. Our devotion to each other, I'm incredibly thankful for.. what a Blessing. If I died tomorrow, I can say I felt truly loved. I would not exchange that for the world! Isn't that what life is all about anyway?

Please don't give up, or let CF rule your heart. It's a thief. It has no right to hurt us, I do not deny the pain, but I won't let it take my spirit down with it. It make take our lives, but not our souls...

                             "Remember the Tin Man, found he had what he thought he lacked"

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