Friday, 23 November 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth: Bom Dia BRASIL!!!!!

It's a big call; Disneyland is not THE happiest place on Earth (it's alright) but Brazil takes the top spot!... you heard it here first!! It's Crazy Beautiful....

From the age of 18 onwards I had the time in my life. I travelled more and experienced the happiest place in the world, Brasil!!! Oh, the happiness!! My first visit was during Carnival, that's probably a big reason why it seemed full of life. The entire country buzzes with excitement! I really did have the time of my life, I loved it!! The people are so full of life, friendly and generous. They don't care a bit what you look like. So funny some of the "swimwear" sported on the beaches, regardless of their shape.. I learnt a lot from them, to appreciate others who they are on the inside, not instantly judged by aesthetics (Being interested in Haute Couture, that was a pretty big lesson for me!*haha!). It was completely and utterly relaxing, I felt free to be myself. I couldn't resist another trip the next year, I was there for 3 months. (with no nebulizer either, the humid climate agreed with me at the time... or perhaps just being relaxed and very happy did the trick?!).
The plane landed at night. There was a spectacular thunderstorm, never felt turbulence like that before (only a few acute drops over Tibet made me panic once before). The light went out in the plane and all the passengers screamed... but I didn't, I gazed out that window in awe. It was truly the most incredible image. The lightening reflected the clouds that were the thickest I've seen in my life. It was like floating through a Disney cartoon!! We bounce and hoped on, through and over, them like puffy cotton wool... It was sublime. Felt like time stood still, in that moment I didn't mind if I died it was so awe inspiring! I only wish I could have captured a picture of it. The plane turned around to Sao Paulo to wait till the storm blew over Rio. I'll never forget that beautiful storm....

Rio De Janeiro is nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful! I stayed at hotels on spectacular Ipanema beach the first time, amazing Copacabana the second visit. Later I would stay in traditional pousadas, which were my favourite way to stay, the owners were lovely and made some really good friends. Can you believe it? I actually got a pretty good tan there... without burning a bit!!! Impressive for a Celtic lass! The food, my goodness... the food!! Who new Barzillian cuisine tastes sooooo goooood. I had no idea and ate like a queen for a song. The tropical fruits were top quality. Freshly made Juices on every corner. I bought a branch of green coconuts, dragged them back to my rooms, it had about 20 coconut on it!*haha.. and I drank them all!! The meat is cook over flames and cut straight off he sword onto you plate. Talk about service.. and always with the happy Brazillain hospitality! My little tip: Make friends with your Taxi driver, they eat in THE best local spots round town and you'll get a taste of real Brasil! Yuuuummmmm!!

My travels took me to the basin of the Amazon River, about 4 hours drive from  Brasilia. The jungle was incredible, little monkeys, hummingbirds everywhere, I heard Jaguars calling our at night, mozzies as big at your fist (I didn't know what it was at first!*haha) massive spider in my room (that the local man said can kill you)... ok so that's not the greatest experience I had.... I also just missed stepping on a 4 inch thick snack with inch wide red and black horizontal stripes. It slid off as I stepped over it... I did yelp about that!!

The waterfalls or Cachoeira, are a must. Local tip, don't swim in the ones the locals aren't swimming in... there's a good reason why they aren't!!!

Hands down the most touching wildlife experience was on one of our regular hikes around the country side, a group of us stumbled upon a little waterway coming off the river. I walked alone a little way up under a perfect arch of jungle. It seemed that it had been trained to grow in the shape a tunnel. Then I heard a flutter, so quiet it's hard to describe and thousands of brilliant butterflies enveloped me. It looked like thousands of feathers gently floating around. It was... exquisite.

Me at the Cachoeira (before I got a tan...Obivously!)

Obligda Brasil!! Someday I will return with my beloved , but untill that happy day my memories are the sweetest and I will cherish them forever... Love, Love Love. xox


  1. Hi Faye! Reading all those compliments about my country makes me so happy and proud to be brazilian ! :) thank you so much for sharing your positive experience . I'm very glad to hear that you had a nice time in Brazil . Hope you can return to Brazil someday . ;) Take care! Xxx Alana Carvalho Breen

    1. Oi Alana, obrigado! Eu amo o Brasil!

      So lovely to hear from you! They were my happiest travels in Brazil & most certainly I intend to come back to visit. I would love to share the stunning places I have visit with my husband & son! You are very blest to live in such a beautiful lively country!! The butterflys! Monkeys! Jaguars! Hummingbirds! Most of all the beautiful, kind people people... I could go on! I really did love it there, I felt my happiest self :)

      abra├žos! Faye xo