Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cystic Fibrosis...Naturally

I would love to share with you a little of my health history. Things that contributed to my living as long as I have and being able to have children, what carried me through to this point.

My name Faye Amy, means "Faith Beloved", who knew it was to be so appropriate to my life?! The first six months of my life apparently were normal, I thrived and according to my parents was a happy baby. Until I was Vaccinated for Measels, Mumps, Rubella. (lots of unanswered question about this...???). I became very very ill and could not get over the reaction, many tests later, I was diagnosed with CF, immediately hospitalised because I was extremely sick. I was there for 3 months. My Scottish Grandfather, whom I share a birthday with (5th Aug) dubbed the crib I was in "The wee throne of death". Finally the doctors told my parents to prepare themselves, I would not make it through the night. Father Doherty was call in I was anointed, given last rights, Batised and Confirmed all at once, a prayer to ask God to spare my life. Sister Carmel was also by my parents side and blessed me with Holy water from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, France and gave me a pair of Rosary beads blessed by Pope John Paul II. My parents went home to rest. The next morning they anxiously arrived at the hospital. However, the nurses excitedly met them, "She pulled through! We can't believe it, this has never happened before!". I was sitting up and smiled for the first time since becoming unwell. My doctors told my parents to go place a bet on the races, they were so "lucky"!
This is the picture the nurses took for my parents, it was the first time I smiled in hospital after escaping death...

Finally I was home, my mother had to learn all about caring for a child with CF whilst raising my 3 older brothers and sister. It must have been very difficult. I was not a mild case, there were endless medicines and enzymes galore. As I mentioned previously, I'm not overly interested in science, but my mum is a 'science buff' for sure... actually obsessive! And that's a good thing for me! She looked into everything, ingredients, additives, tasted the stuff and finally found many natural alternatives. She knew there must be another way to manage this condition, without excessive use of drugs all the time. She changed my diet. I grew up thinking it was "normal" but in retrospect is was very healthy.

My family in 1980 (mum's taking the picky!), I'm the Baby, Dad, Lucy, Michael, Dominic & Simon.

Lets just say right off the bat: The diet that the hospital suggested at the time was S**T! Chips, deep fried foods, ice cream, soda, fast foods, jelly, lollies, cordial, margarine poured over all the food! Come on! That is just ridiculously bad for a healthy person let alone a body that can't digest!! No wonder they said 15 enzymes each meal for an infant; to digest to indigestible!! Where is the nutrition, the live food that contain natural enzymes? What habits is this setting someone up for in the future? I understand the need for calories, but for heavens sake Dietitians please encourage people to get those calories through making healthy choices!!!!

After my second admission at 18 months old, my brave Mum said "NO, there has to be a better way". Thank God! The research began. Macrobiotic was the first approach she found that addressed mucus reduction. So I was put on a modified version of that for the early years. Lots of natural (not synthetic) Vitamin A, which is a Mucus thinner. Vitamin C, fights bugs. Garlic, natural anti-biotic properties. Aloe vera juice, aids digestion and contains Mannitol (which is in new drug Bronchitol) Almost zero hospital enzymes (only if I ate out or something heavy). Fresh apple and carrots juices. I thrived no weight issues, no cough. stayed out of hospital till I was 16, only had an annual check ups at the CF clinic. This is why I never knew anyone with CF, I lived a fairly unaffected by CF childhood. Also, mum was very cautious of cross infection, so kept me as clear as possible from people with flu's and infections. If I was tired she'd keep me home for a day from school every now and then. Normal precautions.

We lived in the Adelaide Hills my growing up. I was constantly outdoors, running around, riding bikes. Walking my Bernese Mountain Dog, 'Paddy Bear' and my dear Neighbours Papillon, 'Jezz'. Despite their size difference, they were very good friends!
I always kept very very active. Played sports and swam at Brighton beach most weekends in summer and went sailing with my Dad. I didn't have a cough till I was 10, I didn't realise I had CF till I was 12. It was bliss. I just thought mum was really full on about what I ate and didn't really know why! All I wanted was sweeties. Typical kid,"get candy, get candy, get candy"!

I did get treats occasionally, but they were treats not everyday things. Which made them more special actually. I loved the times when mum and I would go to the cafes together, Cinnamon toast and hot chocolate. Lovely times we spent together. I felt very loved by my both parents, despite the fact mum is Scottish and Dad's 1/4 German nobility!!(neither the Scott's or Germans are not renowned for their affectionate natures!*haha) My CF softened them up, plus I was a very affectionate happy child apparently. Perfect me!*haha!

My health fell apart when I became a teen, became more sedentary and rebellious about my diet. Kept eating rubbish on the side when I was at school and friends places. This resulted in a week in the intensive care unit in Adelaide, followed by several hospital admissions. Plus, 4 different trips to Bonita Mexico, to 3 different hospitals that offered alternative treatments to regain condition and kick Golden Staph (MRSA) and Aspergillus, both I had for 4 years which I picked up in hospital and both not responding at all to heavy drug treatments. Cleared them both on the 3'd trip to Mexico, in 12 weeks at Ingles Hospital (I write another blog my travels to Mexico)

I wish when I was a teen I new then what I know now, I would have taken more care of myself, but can't cry over spilt milk. Just have to keep persevering with what I can do to make it right today. If I had a child with CF myself, I now realise there is no need to pick just the one 'diet' as such. Many cuisines around the world have healthy fresh benefits. Chefs like Jamie Oliver promote brilliant, tasty, quick and easy food that's good for you! So I think this is something I would do differently myself, but I have no resentments at all for the food I was provided with, it helped me stay healthy. Please don't misunderstand my message, I do not for a second think food will fix all the problems CF causes, but it can greatly assist and improve general well being that is vital for longevity. This has been my journey; I'm just saying think about making more healthy choices for life... xo

Please note: These are just my personal opinions and experiences. Please do not take them as judgments or advice, simply sharing my story and ideas, Thank You!


  1. Loving your blog Faye. Us Scots love to put the hard exterior on....but really we're all mushy emotions inside.....Don't tell anyone..

  2. Caw Canny!*Haha! Och Aye, that they are, Scots being softhearted that is!
    Thank you so much for your support, means a lot to me...xox

  3. I hear you on the diet thing! It frustrates me to no end that CF dieticians still advocate so much "junk food" in order to gain calories. Ugh! I think CFers need a true healthy diet more than anyone!

  4. Thank goodness times are changing and people are starting to make a change for the better!I agree, CF patients need to eat healthier than most because our digestion is impaired. Eat right for life people!
    Thanks for your support too Cindy,love getting the feedback! xo

  5. Hi Faye, hope you are well :) Besides eating healthily, do you take any supplements like Aloe Vera gel still?

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